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+ What is BSM Camp?

BSM Camp is a Summer camp for both Middle School (6th-12th grade) and High School (9th-12th grade) students at Pineywoods Camp in Woodlake, TX. It’s an opportunity for students to get away from the normal pace of life, have a ton of fun, and to experience God in a whole new way.

+ Will Middle School & High School be together?

Just like the past few years, our Middle School Camp and High School Camp will both be at Pineywoods Camp at the same time. However, just like in years past, our Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers will have separate schedules to allow them to have their own unique and powerful experience at camp with their peers.

+ How much does BSM Camp cost?

A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration. The price breaks are as follows:

STANDARD | March 20 - April 24


LAST CHANCE | April 25 - May 15


+ What does the price cover?

The price will cover all meals and lodging while at BSM Camp, transportation, and all camp activities and materials. (Students are responsible for bringing their own lunch on the way to camp.) Electronic, cash, and check payments are accepted.

+ Is Financial Aid available?

Financial Aid is available for BSM Camp 2019. If you have questions regarding Financial Aid for BSM Camp 2019, please email

+ What are the activities at BSM Camp?

Pineywoods Camp offers a ton of AMAZING activities that are included in the price of BSM CAMP. Included at Pineywoods is the Adventure Park, which includes a 3-story High-Ropes Challenge Course, a Quick Jump free fall platform, automatic zip-line, and trapeze jump. Pineywoods also has a giant swing, climbing tower, human foosball court, basketball courts, swimming pool, canoes, kayaks and much more!

+ When is the Parent Meeting?

Both Middle School & High School parents can choose which meeting they'd like to attend.

Saturday, May 18th @ 10:30am

South Campus A200


Tuesday, May 21st @ 6:30pm

North Campus Worship Center

+ Do I need to attend the Parent Meeting if I went last year?

Yes. Every year, we make changes to BSM Camp so each year is better than the last. As a result, there are new details every year that you’ll want to know.

+ When is Camp Check-In?

Check-in will be in the South Campus Gym.

Middle School

Sunday, June 16th @ 2:00pm-3:30pm

High School

Sunday, June 16th @ 4:30pm-6:00pm

+ What is adult supervision like at BSM Camp?

We take a number of adults to make BSM Camp successful and safe. Our current life group leaders & adult volunteers (who have been trained and have background checks) will be leaders for your students throughout the week. There will be an RN available for each camp in case of emergency. We also bring adult leaders from our church who will help oversee the safety and spiritual needs of your student.

+ My child has a food allergy. What are my options?

Pineywoods Camp does not offer accommodations to food allergies. If your student has a known food allergy, please let us know beforehand, and have your student bring their own food. Pineywoods Camp will store any allergy-sensitive foods your student may bring.

+ What are Family Groups?

Commonly referred to as "small groups" or "life groups," this is a group of students who will process together what God is doing in their lives throughout camp. Family Groups are separated by grade & gender, and led by adult leaders.

+ What are Squads?

Squads provide a high-energy, fun, and competitive element to BSM Camp! Students are grouped into teams and led in large group activities as they compete throughout the week, and at the end, only one Squad will win!

+ What do students need to bring?

Students should bring their Bible, a notepad or journal, a pen, sunscreen, spending cash (for camp merch, snacks/beverages, etc.), sleeping bag, pillow, and toiletries.

+ Can students bring cell phones?

No. While cell phones can be a useful tool, they are also a huge distraction in our lives, and are strictly prohibited at Camp. If a parent is needing to get in touch with their student, please contact a Camp Pastor.

+ What is the dress code at BSM Camp?

We want all students to feel comfortable and welcome at BSM Camp, and for there to be as few distractions as possible. We ask that parents be responsible for making sure their students are dressed appropriately during the week. One-piece bathing suits are required for girls and we ask that guys wear a shirt at all times, unless they are at the pool or lake. Overall, please ask your students to be modest, smart and respectful with their attire.

+ Who do I email if I still have questions?

You can email the BSM team at Be sure to attend our BSM Camp parent meeting as well!